Every year our family come together to harvest olives. When to harvest olives is a very important question. The timing of harvest will significantly affect the quality and taste of the oil.  The water, the soil, the air, the sun and the tradition in the olive tree cultivation are working harmoniously together, to create this blessed gift from the nature. The island of Ugljan, with a lot of sunny days and normal climate conditions inspired us to called our brand Sunrise. The whole process is very slow because we do all manually to preserve the best quality.


We have developed strict acceptance requirements for product ingredients, and manufacturing procedures. Our products are tested throughout the manufacturing process to ensure high quality. Our olives must be picked and processed during the very same day. The entire mill is cleaned after each customer so that oil from one customer does not get in contact with the oil from another, which results in higher oil quality and processing safety.

The product comes in two designer bottles: 0,5 l and 0,75 l and each one is exported.

The product is exported worldwide.



The Ministry of Regional Development and European Union Funds continues the implementation of the project related to visual marking of island products with the “Croatian Island Product” label initiated in the beginning of 2007 to encourage island producers to produce original and quality products.
Sunrise extra virgin olive oil has been awarded with “Croatian Island Product” quality label which confirms the origin of our oil.

Our oil quality is supreme as confirmed by numerous awards and Gold Medals.


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